Monday, January 24, 2011

Naaalala mo pa ba?

In honor of our first year anniversary, here's a little something for everyone to enjoy.  I hope you'll like it!

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Someone said: "Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan."  I believe it was the great Dr. Jose P. Rizal.  We might see most of our new generation seems to be otherwise, but let us not forget, childhood is the best part of everyone's life.  It's when we feel invincible, never feeling scared of what we're getting ourselves into; happiest, never minding if it's permanent or just for the moment; ever hopeful, never failing to forgive and superheroes...nothing seems to be difficult and impossible.

Children fail, they fall, they get hurt...but that's why we're here--not only to show them how to get up, but also to teach them that it's alright to fall, because that's when we learn.

To all of us who've been children once...and to all our next generation, let's pass on our love for our hometown, the place where we all learn to get up, after we stumbled.

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