Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 1st (almost) Birthday!

A year ago, a certain Kabihug posted pictures of our dear Capalonga in his facebook account, little did he expect (I presume) that it will pave the way for Capalonga Facebook accounts and this--the first ever Capalonga Blog.  We've come a long way, from just a handful of seemingly drunk commenting friends in his photos to 1,408 (as of late) members--both young and old. 

We may have had a lot of differences, some are going to the side that the others don't, some like it blatant while some enjoyed it nice and easy.  We may have had arguments, some of them huge and distracting and some are just petty bickering of old time friends...but look at us, we're still here, trying as we might to keep our relationships with each other intact, because we believe, no matter how different our views are, we still have one wish--to be closer to Capalonga, no matter how impossible, no matter how virtual.

Sooo, to celebrate the first year anniversary of our union, here's a picture spam of Capalonga, taken almost 365 days apart.

Enjoy!  (Click for a bigger view.)








Thank you everyone for making it such a journey.  We enjoyed all the pictures that you've been sharing; your awesome talents we all wholeheartedly appreciate; the happiness you were able to shower to everyone; and the respect we bestow on each others' differences.  You see, our town is growing, some might have gone awry and destroyed but the ones that stood against time are being painted red (pun intended), cultivated and beautified; and everyone is trying their best to get up and face the reality called life.  No one should be left behind, let's be thankful we live in the generation where communication--no matter how far we are with each other--is as easy as knocking on our neighbors' door, let's make use of this privilege to build relationships or re-build friendships.

You want to see Capalonga 10 years from now?  Or 10 years ago?  Well, you either make your camera your best friend from now on or you better dig into your Nanay's baul.  Either way, it'll help build a picture history of our town, which I bet we'll all enjoy in the years to come.  So go on, don't be shy, tag us in all your master captures, we'll be more than glad to store it for you. 

Which...I would also like to say sorry for not being able to 'steal' all your photos, I apologize, I know I promised but, digging into photo albums of some 1,000+ people isn't that easy, now I know. =D

Anyway, 9,473 blog's to another year of laughter and achievements...

 ...take your slice.

Personally, I would like to thank everyone, who despite me being an incompetent blogger and emotional admin--are still here reading these insubstantial and almost always somewhat irrelevant posts.  I won't promise I will be better...I will just try.


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