Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Our little Paradise, a photographer's haven...or heaven, whichever you prefer.

In this new age, taking picture is as easy as 123.  Now we get to snap pictures of relatively anything and show the world our work of art, whether we are a 90-year old texting lola or a huge-lenses-hanging-in-the-neck professional paparazzi or a cool backpack-clad point and shoot beauty appreciating artist.  We use pictures to tell the world how we feel and subsequently influence the world as to what they will feel.

Here is another set of pretty pictures taken in Capalonga.  I am under the impression that this is a Department of Tourism related thing, which is good (I think) because we get to see our little Paradise once again under the spotlight.

(Please click for a larger view)

Pictures above are owned by Mr. Alex Jimenez, find more here. 

And these are from Mr. Thomas Tan III, his album is located here.

Our big Thank you! for sharing these to us.

In a related note, did you know that we (Capalonga) also have a tourism facebook page?  Let me just point out that this is under a different administration of course--more government-wise.  Please take time to pay them a visit here to see lots more of images which show how our sleepy town has begun to awake.

And maybe in your next visit home, you can take pictures of YOUR special places in Capalonga, and would share it with us too.

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