Thursday, March 24, 2011

Earth, this is our home

In celebration of Earth Day 2011, your blogger made a video for you, nothing much--I believe you must have seen most of the pictures from your friends' facebook.

Note:  Kindly pause the music tab in the left side of your screen.

Thank you to all the owners of the pictures.

This year, we're all shocked and shaken by the tragedy that struck Japan, not only did most of our Kabihugs live and work in Japan but also because Philippines--Capalonga in particular was placed in a Tsunami alert, something most of us have not experienced yet...and I bet all of us wouldn't want to.  Some say what's happening to our planet was only due, we have not been responsible inhabitants of the home God has gifted us. But who wanted these things to happen?  No one.

So it's time to take responsible, not only for our sake, but most of all for the next generation who might suffer from our lack of concern to our mother earth.

Little things would help.  Turn off the lights you're not using, use only the water that you needed, do not litter, do not burn your plastics, don't throw your garbage in the ocean...and a lot more that I am sure you all already knew.

In this regard, we're also inviting everyone to participate in the Earth's Hour on March 26 (Saturday) at 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  There's nothing special that we'll do...we'll just turn off all our lights for an hour.  Easy, right?


We have great news for you, Ms. Mercy San Jose Malaluan got in the search for Ms. Philippines - Earth 2011.  Pageant will be held sometime this May, so watch out for more news.

Don't she look perfect for the title? Go Mikmik!

Thanks to Ms Emerlinda S Gelvez for the tip

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