Monday, November 01, 2010

Pantay-pantay, pare-pareho. a devotion, not just beliefs.

And here in our little semi-capalonga community, we do respect different religions.  We all know, and I believe most of us accept the fact that Capalonga is known for the Miraculous Black Nazarene, a representation of one of the many forms we humans call Deity.  But apart from it and the many other sects that have been formed in our little sanctuary, we have very little knowledge of the other religions/sects, and how their beliefs differ from us.

Let's take a peek at a very important ceremony of one of the dominant sects in our paradise, the Seventh Day Adventist.  Jade was kind enough to let us share these photos to everyone (which--by the way, I should have blogged a very long time ago, sorry).



Anyone who would like to share anything from their religion/sect, are welcome to do so, as long as we don't violate the rights/beliefs of others.

And no matter what our religion, beliefs, devotions are...we all believe in one God, and we worship Him in many other ways than one.

God bless everyone!

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