Monday, August 16, 2010

Batch '84, Silver

25 years since you have hung your high school uniform of white and blue, 25 years after you've probably last seen your seatmate...and probably 25 years after you've last set foot on the land of loud yet sweet laughter, heard the deafening sound of the night, or tumble and stumble through the uneven gravel of a road...what now?


Mr. Romeo Valles shared pictures of Batch 1984 of Capalonga Parochial School, see below--and some more in his facebook.  Why?  I think, for the sole purpose of patching the gaps that the 25 years of absence of talk and touch have created in their lives.  If you know any of them, and would like to help reunite their friendship, I bet Mr. Valles is all to ready and appreciative with such.

The pictures are relatively small, but please come and visit Mr Valles page for the whole collection of the batch's (individual) pictures.

And while we're at it...

Ms. Ruby Rawat-Mitamura posted an invitation for the Batch '85 of Capalonga Institute for an upcoming reunion, below is part of the invite: 


Please note that the address and contact number are intentionally omitted, but you can find it in our Wall.

Thanks Mr. Valles and Ms. Mitamura for sharing your activities with everyone.  We hope that you will have a happy get together (or have had)...and please, do share photos.

I remember an idiom that has a silver word in it, "Every cloud  has a silver lining", so three cheers for batch 84 and 85 for reaching the 25th just shows that lots of clouds; white gray or fluffy have already formed upon your lives but here you are, still standing...and fighting the battle call life.

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