Monday, August 16, 2010

Ano ang nasa dako pa roon...

Ever wonder what lies beyond the skirt of our friendly neighborhood?  Of course, a friendly neighborhood!  Marami sa atin ang hindi pa nakarating sa mga baryo ng ating munting bayan, karamihan ang mga baryo lang na nadadaanan ng mini-bus ang ating nakikita, and even then, yung daan lang ang ating napapagmasdan.  But did you know that in our little paradise lies more and different paradise of it's own?

I would like to thank, Hazel Love Sarmiento and apologize too for the very late post of the pictures that she so willingly shared with us.  Photos of her (to quote) "lupang tinubuan", Binawangan and Calabaca.  See some below, and more in her facebook page.

Love the planet we're in, cherish the place we're at, because we never know when will be the next time we'll see the paradise we've once called home.

**As usual, your humble blogger loves to hear your comments, please don't be shy.  My inbox here is wide open for your suggestions and things that you'd like to share with everyone.  I promise to endeavor to post them all as soon as possible.

So we have some picture collections of Binawangan and think we can have a collection of photos of all the Barangays?  Of course we can, but we have to help each other.  Please?

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