Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Pretty Woman

Remember Mercy Malaluan, the girl who put Capalonga on the map by being one of the contestants of Miss Earth 2011?  I heard she even made some places in Capalonga an icon just by standing in it, one example is the road near the Fishport (Dinugmaan) with colorful banners erected at the steep slope; when you see it, Mercy is the first thing that will come to your mind, because she stood there during one of her photo shoots.


Being naturally born beautiful not to mention charming and really exudes femininity, we can't stop her from strutting the catwalk once again, this time as a contestant at Miss World Philippines 2011.

Below are some of her really pretty photos.

Please visit the Ms. World Philippines 2011 website here and like their Official Facebook fan page, there's a votation mechanics that will be published on the 18th of August.  Let's support Mercy once again!

And here's to hoping Mercy will get this fabulous crown and scepter...

Congratulations Mercy, you are already a winner!

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