Sunday, July 10, 2011

United we stand, for Capalonga

Sometime last year after our Facebook pages were born, a few Kabihugs started a group called A.K.A. (Association of Kabihogs Abroad) with Megs Gonzaga as its administrator.  It was primarily made to ease boredom and kill homesickness of our Kababayans who are residing and/or working abroad.  At first it was just a mere chatroom then came posts of things which most of us miss and remind us of Capalonga.  As the group gathered more members, there came a time that misunderstanding arose, which I believe is inevitable given the group is consists of different people with different views, ideas and attitude toward life.  But as brothers and sisters, the group were able to conquer and went on past each others' differences.

Today, the group already has an impressive 323 members and carrying a new name--which for formality's sake was chosen by each member through a vote (like) system, a more appropriate acronym--UPCA (United People of Capalonga Abroad), sometimes tagged as UPcapalonga.

Here, they still talk about the good old times, things that are important to each and every member of the group.  When misunderstanding is brewing in the horizon, they try to catch it right away so it would not be hurtful to others who are more sensitive.  

But as expected, a group this big of different personalities is bound to clash with each others' nerves somewhere down the road. So they elected officers that would head them, make things organized and keep the peace, so to speak.

Please congratulate the newly elected officers of  UPCA 2011, sworn to uplift the spirits and shepherd every Kabihugs abroad.

President - Romeo Valles (Riyadh)
Vice President - Albert Ables (Qatar)
Secretary - Janeth Cadag Ibusag (Hong Kong)
Treasurer - Gloria A. Niones (Germany)
Auditor - Criselda Nava Ordonez (Canada)

Gener Talento (Malaysia)
Randy San Jose (Hong Kong)
Armi Mourtouvani (Cyprus)
Enrico Fermo (USA)
Abner Francisco (USA)
Alma Balce (Malaysia)

Thanks to Ms. Erma Zano for the above picture

This group has not only kept each other company even in the wee hours, gave serious advices to those who need it, caused a havoc of laughter, organized area/country meet-ups but had recently transcended being the usual casual FB friends by giving a personal help to one of the members who needed it.  

They aspire to help unite every Kabihug outside Capalonga/Philippines and plans to create projects that will somehow help our dear little paradise we once called home.  Now that is noble.

Kudos to every member of UPCA! 

If you wish to join the group, please visit their FB page here or find them through the FB search bar--United People of Capalonga Abroad.  Everyone is welcome to join, as long as you were from Capalonga and of course, you are abroad.

For the purpose of privacy, the above-mentioned Kabihugs weren't tagged, please follow proper internet etiquette if you know them and want to friend them.  Thank you.

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