Friday, June 18, 2010


May I interrupt our shared nostalgia for a very short note?

Mga Kabihugs,

The admin--your blogger, wishes to remain anonymous, not for anything, but just to maintain some sort of unbaised posts (if you may).  So para po sa mga nakakakilala kung sino ako, it's your decision if you want to tell your friends but please don't be mad if I don't answer your queries regarding my identity.

I was born in Capalonga, I lived in Capalonga, my memories are etched with everything Capalonga and I love Capalonga more than any place I have lived in, I hope that's reason enough for you to trust me. =D

Salamat po sa inyong pagsuporta.

Yours truly, balik na tayo sa byaheng pa-Capalonga. =D  Wala na daw taplod, ay papaanhin na laang ang aking mga bigas at baboy?!  Ya, alangan naman sa istribo?

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