Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Isang bulaklak


Remember the past post about a guy named Dominic Gumamela who's making his way to the limelight? (You can find the post here called HIMIG KO)

Well what d'ya know, he'd posted several videos in his facebook to promote his music. Isn't it brilliant?! So we're now sharing you the videos of his songs.

This first one is called BUTI NA LANG.

This one below is the video of the song I posted last march, about the 2010 elections. If you could remember I've managed to put the lyrics, but in this video you wouldn't need it anymore, kind of like videoke already. PILIIN MO, the youths' advocacy on May 2010 elections.

Enjoy! And drop Dominic some heart warming comments on his facebook page HERE, will you?

We're most proud!

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