Friday, January 29, 2010

Capalonga as we once saw it

Not a week ago, inspired by the  blabs gained by the now popular work of genius vacation album of Buen, I set up a Facebook account, Capalonga Camarines Norte.  I was having a hard time putting it up and making it available online so I kind of forgotten about it and focused on building up this blog instead.  But when I [forced to] checked on the e-mail address to which this blog was registered there were already three friend requests.

and not only that, there was already a photo, readily available for viewing, shared by one of the first three members of the group.

*Waves frantically*

Hi Tita Ver! (Naki Tita na ako)

Mrs. Veronica Jupson, shared us the picture below of herself and her friends.  I later found out in one of the chaotic chatterings inside Buen's photo album that this was actually taken in Albino beach when it was all green and had luscious foliage.

And to quote her "my friend and i stayed with the olivas and we befriended catalino florendo and catalino talento," and "the name of the doctor we worked with who was originally from there...rodolfo "boy" fermo."

So anyone there who knew Tita Ver?  Don't be shy and push the button, she would love to talk to you.  Here's her facebook link, click and say hi.

Alice, Luz, Vangie, Ameliana, Frankie and Cata Florendo.
(Please click on the photo to enlarge)

Personally speaking, I know Mang Cata Florendo, not really know know, just know...and that place, is so memorable to me, I could have taken a picture of it if I had a camera back then.

*Picture is owned by Mrs. Veronica Jupson (Thanks)

Panawagan po ulit...

Welcome po kayong magpadala ng mga litrato, videos, sulat, o kahit na text, ipapaskil po nating lahat yan.  Ipadala lamang po sa (kung ipapadala nyo po dun, I will assume na i-seshare natin sa lahat ano po) para naman sa inyong mga komentaryo, pakipindot po and comments button sa ibaba.

Make yourself acknowledged in THE NEW BLOG OF CAPALONGA!  This is for everyone.


  1. ok yan sigi maghahalungkat din ako sa aking lumang baul

  2. Capalong Vocabulary words...pakidugtungan nalang po....thanks...
    bubu - tapon
    bag-as - malakas / malaki muscle
    baldag - hataw
    bas-ig - pilapil
    bangyasan - kahoy pakatan na pang-bakod
    langis - mantika
    tagiti - ambon
    padikit ng apoy - gumawa ng apoy
    ulbot - naka-protrude
    leche - takal / lata ng alaska n ginawang pangtakal
    salapi - 50 cents
    talikakas - maliit n alimasag
    hidok - sira-ulo
    talok - tanim ng palay
    butog - sinungaling
    palpal - bobo
    panit - poknat
    guyam - langgam
    paho - indian mango
    batikal - bato (throw)
    banlat - koral ng baboy
    vetsinan - butugan
    hibas - low tide
    taib - high tide
    manala - maliit na octopus
    bulaw - dilaw
    tabsung - dive sa tubig
    pamanit - utak / ulo
    siko - liko
    dugsung - dugtong
    sapok - batok sa ulo
    ngimi - manhid